Chubbuck Weekend

I am attending regular chubbuck classes and have enjoyed them so much I am taking this weekend with the wonderful Anthony Wong!

Look out for my Aussie Life Plan Commercial where I am a True Blue Aussie !!

We will be announcing our latest Theatre Project very soon . You are guaranteed a fun , entertaining night of theatre in beautiful surroundings with lots of bang for your buck !

I will be presenting a regular spot for Unseen fashion called ‘Truth serum ‘ . It will roadtest beauty , hair makeup products and give you the inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s not! Check out www.unseentv.tv

I am doing regular presenting for Unseen fashion and Unseen TV . Check out my Video page to see my latest red carpet events!

Our second project “CallBack ” is in preproduction , we will be shooting in September so keep your eyes peeled for casting notices coming soon!!!

I am going to be a cartoon!!! I am doing voice over for an animated version of Oscar Wilde’s A Woman Of No Importance . This coming saturday we are in the studio all day for rehearsal. We will be having our pictures taken so they can make us into animated characters , its so exciting!